Friday, August 29, 2008

the family ritual song

Family time ~ lately, I've been spending whole load of time with family. It is indeed a good time together because they are your family - related by blood, and made in the same factory - well my sibblings and I. But family will have to take care of you no matter what happens... they will have to - cause ultimately - there's no one else. lolx. But my family is just lovely - we enjoy each other's company and it's always laughing out loud situations (that's the secret way of how to release daily work stress)

Recently, we celebrated my sister in law & my brother's birthday ~~ August babies... It is their first year after their wedding - celebrating as Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Lo. We did a pot luck at their house ~~
Dinner Menu : Hotdogs, Home made Pai Tee, Soup, Curry, Fried Noodles, Mixed Vegges, Special Prawn (spicy...), Chicken Wings This was my mom's special home made Pai Tee - excellent :)
This was quite interesting to entertain us ~ Mini Scrabble - all magnetic~ it's sooo tiny that you can't really hold the letters It came with the bag for you to draw... your words, it has sliding holder for each player. and a sliding compartment to keep all the letters. You then fold it into two and slide it into the bag to keep it. Soooo convenient!

Wanted to upload the Lo family birthday singing ritual to facebook - and it's so funny the reply of facebook... couldn't stop laughing.

Here's the video of our family traditional ritual birthday song - so this is only two ppl.
Me, My younger brother & My mom happens to have the SAME birthday!
Imagine that song... x 16years

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Foodilicious @ Asia Grand - Singapore

It is a bit out-dated. Just realized I havn't food-blog for quite some time - almost 1 month ago, I was in Singapore for Biz Trip ~ this was the restaurant where we had BIG mom mom for the whole company. It was a walking distance from Singapore Office ~ Beach Road.This was the appetizer ~ stacks of SA-L-MON~ yumz (one of my happy pill)~
This was the all famous Peking Duck ~
W.I.P - where this kind lady was slicing the peking duck...
Then, the peking duck is then inserted into individual folded "pancakes"- it was yummzz.
This is the almighty soup - abolone, bits and pieces of all the most "expensive" parts... the portion was so BIG that it fills your stomach immediately. *slurps*
This was the poor babe ~~ apparently - it was very very good.

This was the sliced pork skin - I think this was my best shot of the evening. This was steamed fish with to-fu, by this dish - all of us were so full already.
This was the bits of the above pork that they took and fried it - it smelled extremely delicious!
To see all my foodilicious - click here

Sunday, August 24, 2008

merdeka ~~ merdeka ~~

Sure it's been a while since I blogged about an event ~~ proudly to say - I found some Afternoon Events to go to - healthy (non-alchoholic) events.

Saw the advert from Astro, that's what I've been drowning myself lately (best friends with TV/Food/Bed/Cat/Water/Books).

The ministry is organizing a day where all women (and some interested men) join together to exchange thoughts/opinions about "Teaming Up to Make a Difference" It was a big eye-opener for me - as it was my first time in this Summit.

It started at 9am, registration was overwhelmed - I never expected so many women from different background took time to attend this event. Most of the ladies I met own their own business - as for me - I was on MC.

YB Dato Ng Yen Yen (Ministy for Women, Family & Community Dev Msia) & YAB Dato Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak (Deputy Prime Minister of Msia) was there to officiate the event.

She was brave in her speech as she talked about reviewing policies, about % of women to be part of the Board of Directors in Private & Public companies and even the extend about the Women Toilet - (Baby rooms are only found in the female bathroom? It should be in both sex, or create a common area for both parents to be allowed in baby bathroom) *woot woot* I was impressed with his keynote speech, he sums up whatever Dato Ng Yen Yen had directly and indirectly requested in a very thoughtful manner. I also attended another event in the afternoon - which is something I am passionate about - Training in general. I was invited to be a Regional Lecturer for LEOs in Region 4, I will be training kids (12-28 yrs old) around Selangor area about our CLD (Continuous LEO Development) Programme. That's just awesome!

I can't wait til Merdeka ~~ 31st August 2008 - that's the independence day of Malaysia as well as the most important thing in the world - MY prison break day ~~ I can finally socialize in the evening..
*sniff* still got 7 more days to go...
On a side note. (this is for my book)
If I were to rename myself ~~ What name would you name me?
Someone suggested Andrea.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


hi hi. it's me again. chai chai - Jolene's fav pet in the world.
She took a nap - left her laptop on - so i took the initiative to write a few words....

Well - this month is not so good for her - as she was quite sick.
Her mom keeps telling her to rest her body, she doesn't listen so she fell sick.

I'm happy because this whole week - we played more than usual as she is home most of the time. She's home most of the evening - so I'm not that worried - if she's not home by midnight, I would be smacked by the MOM because I make so much noise -- "WHERE IS SHE? WHAT IF SHE IS NOT SAFE? WHAT IF SHE FAINTS?" But, to the family... it's MEOWWWWWW MEOWWWWW MEEEEOOOWWWW. *frustrated* communication barrier. sigh.

She also told me that her conversation with her doctor to follow up today...

Doc "You look a lot better!"
Jo *what does he mean.. I looked like shit when I was in hospital? probably la*
Doc "All the tests are completed, you're a lot better, but please if you want to move around ... do you have a driver?"
Jo *Driver? Not that rich*... "Sorry Doc, I don't have a driver .. unfortunately" *smiles*
Doc "Can you get one? Just I don't think you can drive yet."
Jo *oops* "Er. Doc.. actually I drove yesterday and today to see you."
Doc *EYES OPENED SO BIG* "What??? Oh! How is that for you?"
Jo "Well. It's quite fun. But - I can't turn my head too fast"
Doc "Oh I see. Just rest more - becareful. I'm giving you one more week MC..."
Jo *Har? ...... die*

She complaints about her one more week of MC -- I'm like ... what is MC?

Oh well... I oso went to do my sun-tan today!
Chill-axxxxxxxxxxxxx~ Signing off... Chai Chai

Sorry for waking you up in the morning while you were smiling to yourself... I thought something was wrong with you.

Monday, August 18, 2008

da wish list

I wish he couldn't stop hitting the net.

I wish he could study the opponent more before playing with him.

I wish he could focus playing and not be affected while going through a mental gang rape.

I wish he could keep serving the ball to the right instead of left (he's a left-hander for god's sake!)

I wish we are all there to support him.

HE - i'm talking about our national hero in Olympics. It was my first time watching Badminton lolx - quite fun actually. Smack it smack it! The heart vibrating sensation, constantly wishing the other guy would break a leg or something.

Got a rather 2 embarassing moments to share with u folks. I had an incident with a state badminton player b4. And firstly, er.. apparently, i got the wrong guy... lolx...

.StrawberrymeowZ. out from hospital. back home sweet home says:
i think he studied in help b4
**~ch33 k33nÞ~**@®cK-Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei 2nite @ 8.48pm !!! says:
err wong choon hann did
**~ch33 k33nÞ~**@®cK-Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei 2nite @ 8.48pm !!! says:
not lee chong wei
**~ch33 k33nÞ~**@®cK-Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei 2nite @ 8.48pm !!! says:
.StrawberrymeowZ. out from hospital. back home sweet home says:
OH hahahah

Back in college, I always have activities on campus, and then *ahem* Wong Choon Hann walked up to me one day - and asked something (can't remember .. i think directions). So I just told him the answer...

Then a couple of girl-friends came over to me...
"Do you know who you just talked to?"
*blur* WHO?
"Wong choon hann..." *hits my hands* (actually why do girls do tat? tells you something really excited and hits your hands - i do that too!)

Being Jolene e blur nutcase. I went WHO IS THAT?
Trust me. They almost fainted on the floor.

I noticed I'm not as patriotic as I should be. hmmm will put that into da wish list.

P.S. I started writting my Chic Lit book today. Now looking for a good Editor (tell me if u know a good one in Malaysia)

Friday, August 15, 2008

hospitalized - part 3

That straight face - where I can't move my lips to even smile, where my neck locked to the left, where I can't control the movement I'm making and these weird thoughts are just all over my head. "Why do you give in so much?" "Why this .. why that.."

Suddenly, I'm like a 5 year old kid flaming up my temper whenever things doesn't go my way. I lied back straight to the bed, my mom is on my right - she's freaking out as my body sleep kicks and struggles with the hospital sheets and tears rolling out from my eyes. I cannot control myself. The pressence seems a little bit pissed about everything that is not going its way.

Unable to sleep, taken the sleeping pill, filled with frustrations, suddenly I felt another body close to mine - it was my mom's body. She hugged me saying some prayers .. I felt sudden anger in me - wanted to push her away.. but I controlled. I told my mom "cannot. you better leave the bed alone."

All these fightings, trying to take control of my body, at one point of time, I gave up - I am just going to let it take over as I am very tired of fighting and gave my last tear. I hear my mom making phone calls to our "related si-fu" to ask for help. Nothing seems to work right now. NO. I don't give up. I fight.

Little did I know that I was falling into sleep, my mom told me that fight lasted more than 1hour, we've also tried changing places, I sleep on the couch, the chair, but still the pressence was in me and throwing tantrums. I knew exactly what was happening yet I'm unable to describe it but my mom knew exactly what I was trying to say.

Next morning, before I opened my mouth - I couldn't have agreed more with what my mom said "Let's go home...." YES. LETS GO home. Mom made a few calls, I guessed to the SIFU (Chinese Master) - and turn to me asked me "Sifu asked you whether on Wednesday evening - did you go to a noisy place - like disco? or pub?" I opened my diary in my head, flip through.... Wednesday - had dinner with Bryan... that's not noisy. Then head over to Plaza TTDI. OMG. YES - yes... I was at a noisy place.

With the prescribed "solution", my mom then had to purchase a few items and burn it facing South. Following the specific instructions, that night back home - I slept like a baby. Nothing taking over, No sleep kicking, No tantrums.... No pressence.

Woke up the next morning - thinking to myself. WOW. PEACEFUL Sleep in deed. That's a good story for my blog ^_^

Good articles/books/blogs will end up with Acknowledgements - here are mine.

Jack : Thanks for the lovely strawberries, they are just simply wonderful and thoughtful of you. I ate them the next day while I watch Ugly Betty.

Fellow Lions(Darren/Christine/Kee Oi/Kievan/Ivan Ho/Nelson/Levin) : Thanks for coming over with the fruit baskets/ flowers/ angpow... and thanks for being concern even days after the incident.

Daniel Chan : Thanks for the beautiful (not to mention - BIG) flowers that was so beautiful ^_^ really cheered me up.

Steven (Prudential): Thanks dear for dropping by, and yes haven't seen you in 2 years and yet to meet up this way is horrible. Hope to catch up with you soon.

Jarett/Sue/Bernard/Jag : Thanks for the flowers and coming in person to see me and joke around to clear the air... YES - bernard - it's EAR pressure imbalance (not BRAIN imbalance).

Alicia: Thanks babes for rushing over for the last minute "announcement" - lolx YES i know you are not reading my blog yet. coz of the spookiness. Read this next month k?

Muu Team (KC/YP/Jason/Nick/Hans/Huey Ming): Thanks boss (KC/YP) for visiting. Thanks team for holding the fort while I MC for 1 week. muackss!!

Precious FAMILY ~~
Brother Jowin/Brother Adrian/Sis-in-law Chloe : THANK U for driving me, lending me your shoulder, carrying me while I can't walk, Making sure I have plastic bag when I puke, making sure I'm okay in the toilet, Feeding me food, sending me to hospital, taking care of me while Mom's away. SINCERELY - THANK YOU!

Mom : Thank you for rushing back home while you were stuck in Penang, thanks for bein there for me while the pressence was there to kacau me, standing up to all these things in which you fear most, understanding me and feeding me meds & proper meals - I LOVE YOU mom.

Most important of all - each one of you who reads this and care about me so much :) thank you to everyone who SMS/MSN/Facebook/any modern communication to tell me to take care get well and sends their best wishes. MUACKSS - love you all..

Chai chai : love that you teman me everyday while I'm bored @home.
Here's a video of him. so cute. (he's my other "FROM HIM" blogger buddy)

& Whomever I miss out - THANKS a lot kkkk??? love you too! :)

Peace out ya'll
p.s. I'm thinking of writting a book... SHOULD I?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

hospitalized - part 2

There i lay on the bed of the hospital .. waiting for the doctor to arrive... I lie there - spinning, as though the whole world twirls around me (sounds like a book? I thought it was quite familiar too). But seriously, *peningz* - as how my friend says - "see? always take picture tilted.. now you tilted lo!!!" *falls from the chair*

So, back to the story - I fell asleep waiting for the doctor. Woke up, while the nurse asking "What's your name?" Loh Yoon Ching.... "How old are you?" 24... Doctor came over to check "What's wrong?" ... I feel dizzy doctor... and then my elder bro took over the conversation explaining what I've gone through... Thank god for brothers!

I was then pushed on a wheel chair over to my room (after long hours of wait)... Then the nurse found my vain and poked it *ouch* and name tag me as a patient of this hospital. 225 as I remembered... Maternity wad? I remember a remark made by my boss "Jolene... is there something you're not saying to us? Puking... and all..." lolx.

I think I officially suck at writting a scary story... ok. *scary background sound starts ONCE AGAIN* OK OK. There I was lying there waiting for time to pass, sleeping eating, sleeping eating. Til night time comes, the first official experience with the other side of the universe - after taking the sleeping pill, I rested but my body didn't... my sis-in-law was there to take care of me. She slept while watching Ugly betty... and suddenly! my leg shook, shaking constantly... like i'm dancing - or technically - sleep kicking. @_@

That's nothing compared to my second night. I was left alone in the room, and something overtook me. I felt the pressence controlling my body. I immediately told my mom - "I want to take sleeping pill". My mom gave me a lecture saying the after effects of sleeping pill. I felt the pressence flaming up the temper... I said calmly again "I need to take sleeping pill." Mom refused to give and gave me a lecture instead about why I go out at night... weirdly, I felt that I can understand the pressence "Why do you tolerate such lecture?" temper up again..

Then things started to get a bit more complicated - Pressence overtook my body and started showing temper - kicking the bed, hands wanting to tear apart the dripping needle, wanting to shout across the room and i just controlled myself not doing any of it... until tears rolled over my cheeks. I sat up. Telling my mom - "Mom, i'm not at peace... sleeping. Can we change the bed?" My mom freaked out witnessing all the actions. She stoned and then slowly made her way out to the main walkway to the nurse and told her what's happening.

She returned with the nurse, as I sat holding onto the cold bars of the bed, in sweat and in tears, unable to control myself, my neck swayed to the left - and stuck there. I couldn't turn my head at all - I felt the rush of cold sensation as the nurse took out the drip as she has a feeling that I'm going to tear it apart. She speaked slowly "Dik, turn your head to see your mom... " I tried - but I can't! It's stuck looking at her - I couldn't even smile. I had a straight serious face.

That face - when I think of it now... still chills me up my spine. Will continue this tomorrow morning - it's getting late. @_@

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

hospitalized - part 1

Vertigo (from the Latin vertere, to turn, and the suffix -igo, a condition, i.e., "a condition of turning about"[1]) is a specific type of dizziness, a major symptom of a balance disorder.

It is the sensation of spinning or swaying while the body is stationary with respect to the surroundings. (SENSATION?!?)

The effects of vertigo may be slight. It can cause nausea and vomiting and, in severe cases, it may give rise to difficulties with standing and walking.

YEs yes. that's exactly what i had. Reading from the google search of "vertigo" which was mentioned once tooo many times this week. Exactly what happened to Jolene?

On Wednesday evening, i remember having a sip (noticed i said A SIP) of house red wine in Wabisabi with Eric, Chee Hooi & Alicia. I went to the bathroom and puked. (DRUNK already? wow, Jolene's cheap to feed!) Not exactly, I remember I told them this was different from "drunk"... Pure dizziness ... maybe it was because I didnt sleep much the night before. Maybe...

Next thing I know - working half day work... I had to go home coz my head was spinning... I managed to walk in the rain to my car... and drove over to my mom's office so she drove me home. I fell straight to bed.

On Friday - I was on mc. Panic like crazy as so much work I had to do... preparation for Tech.Ed SEA 2008. (do i get award now? coz I blogged about TE08?) I just simply cannot miss that event - remember I told myself. I find myself lying in bed the whole day - wanting to get back to sleep to enter the other world where I was absolutely fine - I can do so many things... in my dreams... compared to when I wake up to the dizziness vision I have.

Saturday - gotten better as I got injection on Friday - had to cancel all my dates (sorry folks for all the cancelation). I couldn't even go to the Kent Party, which was quite funny when I mentioned to one of my friends and having his reply "I dont know Kent that well..." lolx...

Having felt better, I was sent home - (as I was home alone) from my brother's place.... MAN, I'm like ALL OVER THE PLACE (P.S. note that i'm typing this while having my semi-dizziness)... the next thing I know. I plunged onto the bed. Dizziness attack! Once again.. I'm unable to do ANYTHING but lie on the bed. Couldn't go pee nor stand up or even move. I tried moving myself to be in a better position than lying 1/3 of the bed... and that was it. I was stuck there until my brother and sis in law came to my rescue... and decided to admit me into hospital. OMG!

I was delivered to the ER section - my first time, I sat on the wheel chair... while the nurse push me towards a bed. They asked "what's wrong with her?" ... pening... or pengsan... those were the words exchanged.. I don't even know what's the difference.... I lie there thinking... wow. I just experienced hospitalized via ER... what a great story for my blog.... ^_^

ok. ms. dizzy needs some rest now. will tell you part 2 later.

Jack gave me this link for how a kitty has similar traits. lolx

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bali Trip Part 2 - Ubud

Benefits of Tan:
1) Blush – cannot see
2) Blue black – not so visible
3) Theory of wearing black – you tend to look thinner

I told my mom the third reason, she looked at me ... and she laughed. That laugh was just so picture-perfect...which makes my day.
As mentioned, I visited the Cultural place in Bali - UBUD. Loveeeeeeeeeeed it there.

This is the Gua Gajah that is all famous

Sculptures of arts... and tons of sculptures on e wall.
You have to be wearing a Sarong while going in this sacred place.
Ladies - if you have period - you are not able to visit this place at all.

This is the fountain of spring - where you cleanse yourself to good health and future.. This was inside the cave - where the elephant god sat... there's 3 of them in there.. all wearing sarong.
pathway to walk into the gua very dark.

A girl said "Arghh.. i'm clusterphobic..." looks around.. laughs to herself.

I just smiled. Why do ppl do that? say the most obvious things and laughs to the statement.This apparently - are ancestors who died and people who died... and stacking stone are a way to remember them.
nice Jolene angle - (tilted...)
Resident Temples in Ubud, the women have to be in sarong. I loveeeeeeeeeee this shot. I love the architecture of the temples.. just can't get enough of it.

Wanted to sketch.. but didn' have time... :(

this is something I admire a lot. just plain green and look at the pattern... of the planted....


I had the priviledge to attend Balinese Batch-funeral.

This old woman's hair is like Lemur's tail.this was the detailed items displayed on the each family table for the ceremony. They burn the body into ashes... and place it into a coconut.
then, using decorative flowers to place on top of the coconut...
wife will carry the ash to the nearest ocean/river to let it free..
Overall, I loved the cultural things I saw, and I loved the morning walk... it was simply lovely.
Love the fact that i club for fREE!!!

how do you classify as regular guests?Still i find this picture disturbing.... still ..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

who am i?

Ever felt like giving up?

You're this image that people have of you that you are just so perfect, beautiful, innocent, a wife to be, and someone people appreciate and want to have you around...

But life is always like this - it gets tough, you can't decide who you want to be, or who you really are. Life makes you question yourself - when you brush teeth staring at the reflection - Who is this girl? Who is Jolene?

Many times, in my recent 2 years of my life - I'm lost (still am). I used to be this girl who knows exactly what she wants to achieve in life. I still remember my dreams - I had my own business at the age of 21yrs old (which i achieved), and the next business I woud like to build was a Plastic surgery center.

I also have a dream of travelling the world, in adventures so I can write my book! This dream is much more random, un-planned.

So many situation, I play this organized freak who wants to be in control of what I want to do in my life. On the other hand, I want to just have fun with randomness, or at least try to be random.

Maybe I'm pressuring myself as I was previously full of dreams, hopes, positiveness, ever smiley face. But now, I don't even dare to hope because hope brings dissappointments, I don't even dream anymore, simply because I just don't believe anymore.

I just realize something today - I AM NOT HAPPY.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bid da beads!

Hi fellow friends...

Recent facebook photo craze got me thinking about it's a fantastic tool for a little creativity ~~

I've bought a whole bunch of items from Bali, thought selling them here in KL. So got time today to take a few shots of the beautiful accessories... and hope that they will all go to their rightful owners.
Here is the link for you to be part of this fun game of bidding! Starting price is extremely cheap! go bid ~~ and be the best bidder to take away your items.

Check them out!!
If you are interested in biddng - add me as your friend with the brief password - BID.
If this works out great - I am thinking of other items like Balinese furnitures!!

Stay tune!

Friday, August 1, 2008

what now?

OK OK. This is definitely what I’m going to say... “You know that we might not be right for each other, but I wanted to let you know that I ......” Damnit! That’s too emo. OK OK try this version... “Look, I like you, You like me ....” NO NO... that’s too macho-iee..

Why do we always end up this way? We are confident and stable in usual state; however, whenever we are in front of someone special – the dang-est thing will always happened. I had a few case myself, I was alone with this guy on a beach (a couple of years ago...), it was going to be a romantic kiss... until I RAN off... haha.. I RAN (literally ran...) Poor dude, he must have felt bad or something.

I’ve seen so many dramas in which when the guy confess – he always screw it up... but how do you pick up from there? How do you change the mindset in which you ‘accidently’ placed on the special someone.

Let’s say – you find this incredible funny guy, cute, adorable, smart and he’s quite good looking ~ someone potential. And let’s say you messed it up accidently and it's something you can't take it back. Now, he think of you differently ... like you are not serious about relationship...

Do you...

1. Call him up an explain to him "actually... i'm not like that... "
2. Fuck it. NEXT~~~

Guys... please do tell your opinion.
This is very useful for us girls... (not only me ;p)

Good luck ~~ my friend ~~~