Monday, March 23, 2009

10 reasons

Since someone invented the 25 random things about yourself thingy on facebook... I've thought about my 10 random things about myself list today... But it's based on CSI...

10 Reasons why I cannot be a CSI:

1) I get stuck on the gate door - don't know how to open it.
2) I take photos of the evidence but forgot to put battery in the camera.
3) I talked to Victim A, Victim B.. then have the same conversation to Victim A again without realizing it.
4) I probably would mix up the blood sample and label them wrongly.
5) I'll sleep drive my way into the crime scene.
6) I would probably spill Milo onto the evidence that I collected.
7) I would accidently knock onto the corner of furniture while gathering evidence.
8) I'll probably start thinking of how to make a business out of what I'm doing.
9) I'm afraid of ants. SERIOUSLY.
10) I'll end up focusing on organizing my next rave party ~~ Knight Castle 09 ~

woot woot ^_^

Today is a special day for me. 23.03.09. I found out something that I wanted to hear all these while.
I am not a rebound.