Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hey hey.. it's me again. She is sound asleep -- she sleeps very fast nowadays. I noticed that she doesn't have much time for anything else as she tries to be a super woman.

Let me fill you all with some updates of what she is doing... She changed job - quit the last job and now a new job which she likes the new environment - she told me her colleagues are all as crazy as she is and she felt a "fit". Then it got me thinking - where do I "fit"? I fit right into her arms....

Anyways, as crazy as it sounds - she has a business on a part time - she is organizing a party. Go check it out - I like the music - I say she is crazy - because she has no more time for ME!

How I miss those time where she has time to irritate me, nowadays, she just comes home - showers - does work and poof ... sleeps.

The other day - she was telling me that her life is finally getting back together after the "lost in space" period. I'm glad she has found her confidence... in some ways... I'm happy for her :)

BUTTTTT... I miss her!!!

Signing out...
Chai Chai (Yes. I am a Cat that writes...)