Monday, February 23, 2009

Learn & Adapt

While I sat there in the dark on a chair with the paper in front that reads "Leo Idol 2009 Judges Form". I had a flash back, few years back, I was on the stage ... (NO, I wasn't the participant.. I was the MC)

I sat there watching one of the performance made me realize something rather important about being successful in business... I was watching this bunch of boys dancing. Do you always notice that group dance -- there's always one person in the group that is extremely good. As always, that one person tries to find people who are extremely passionate and people who can follow the steps well.

I sat there thinking... what if I wrote a book on how to be successful? And it's purely teaching you to adapt quickly. Learn and adapt - that's the key to be successful.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

For the previous Valentine's Day in my life... it's always so exciting, so romantic, sweet.

This year.

I spent the morning preparing for my Love Hunt - in which we've pulled together in 2 weeks. I'll be honest here - it wasn't great.. compared to my last event (Massive Worldwide 2008).

Thereafter... it was a simple dinner with Mom & Brother then i had a date with my beloved BED.

Although it wasn't a fancy flower, gift, romantic dinner that cost a bomb... It was actually the best Valentine's Day I had. Doing the things I LOVE (events), spending good quality time with mom & bro discussing about relationship (my bro has a gf... !!). I had a good Valentine's Day.. I know I certainly enjoyed my beauty sleep.

I guess.. I'm growing to like my life right now. No Love - All Work. ^_^