Monday, August 24, 2009

Just Say No!

In many instances, we often get flattered whenever we have guys going after ourselves. Many of us get more than 1 guy going after ourselves and we feel like it’s a trophy. Just like how guys would feel whenever they get a trophy girlfriend. It’s funny because when season is bad – meaning there’s no one going after yourself – you will find that you tend to appreciate the guy who is going after you. However, if there were more than 1 guy going after you – then you would weigh on which guy is better and you’ll tend to treat the one that you prefer better.

It’s also funny that sometimes, people play the “hard to get” game, a game in which you will find that the more she says no – the more fun it gets. Most guys like it – that it gives them that extra challenge to get the dream girl. Sometimes, it’s not “hard to get” – it’s just the girl doesn’t like you – ever thought of that? I bet! Then, the question is – how do you know it’s sincerely “NO THANKS” and not “Hard to get”?


Even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend – it does not mean she doesn’t have a sex life... When she’s talking to you about her sex life, please do ask her – “when was this?” just so you are clear she’s not hinting to you about her CURRENT sex life.

I used to be super good at saying no – there’s this guy who was the hero to everything. I remember him as the sweetest guy on earth. He’s the bad boy in college, super naughty, doesn’t like studying but loves gaming. He would buy me stuff all the time – bought me 2 strips of Vitagen (only white) as that’s my favourite drink in the world. He would buy me strawberries all the time, take taxi to fetch me everywhere. Flowers, teddy bear – BIG hug ones... But in the end I said NO. He said “gal, when you have a boyfriend, please tell me.” I replied “huh? but why?” He said “I want to ask him how he got you – I’ve tried every single way possible...”

I smile thinking about him – wonder where he is now... That’s not the story. How do you say NO to certain individual who is just so persistent and would not take NO for an answer?