Friday, February 29, 2008

Far apart in distance.. next to each other in heart

Sitting in front of my lap top *ears plugged with music* "feels so good... that someone loves you back.. ~~"

I guess I should explain my status change of my LOVE life.. haha... i have one now >.<>"Night honey... Come to bed early"... you know sometimes you describe it as "Just Click"?

"Guess what I'm doing?" and you got it right...
Describe your dream date and it's the same...
Reading off each other's mind... just what I was looking for...

Mr. J - I'm glad that we are now realizing that there's something going on between us and not let this chance walk pass us AGAIN... ;p

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Birthday Buestest Fwen(S)

Marks of life... so Alicia - who is she? She's one of my buestest fwen... since this is the first year we're celebrating birthdays... i gave her a surprise bday party... (more pics in facebook)

Guess i was quite tired... lol
Bday cake... (sponsored by Rishy)
Alcohol (sponsored by Rishy's Cousin "YES IT IS...")
SURPRISED GUESTS -- (sponsored by Facebook lol ^_^)

Another buestest fwen .. this is year 7 of celebrating bdays... so we gonna do a bigggg one of year 10 huh? muackss!!! hapwee bday.. sorry only 2 pics coz camera ran out of bat.. haha
i think i'm quite impressed with chocolate writting...
this is a nice hangout place !!! ~~ THE C. CLUB @ Pavillion

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Funny Restaurants

Interesting customer care activities that i found while i was in Singapore...

It's funny how some restaurants - think about some of us who are "slightly smaller" eaters...
If you are good at maths - you can see what's wrong with this figure -- but i guess this is a real good round up (Chinese business definitely)!

We all know which one definitely cares for us.... saving us from coin collecting... yess that's true customer care!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Perception need to change

"Now you're her bitch?"...

It makes me wonder - how is it possible that some things are laid down as international rule?

For example:
1) Guys are suppose to give girls flowers (says who? who said that girls cannot give guys flowers?)

2) In Singapore - in a divorce case, no matter what happens - female gets 50% of male's properties... (weird - coz some are actually the fault of the female)

3) Only guys can make the first move (okk... more and more % of people are moving out of this rule)

4) Girls hold girls hands - it's okay; guy holds guy hands -- they're gay!

5) House wife - acceptable; house-husband - gossip (why???)

6) Nail Artist are female...

7) Girl always loose in a relationship (I DISAGREE!)

8) Females are better sales person...

9) Maids are female

10) Female Gamer/Programmer - responses "???!???" (what's wrong with that? okk.. i'm not a programmer - but i'm a gamer)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hard Day Good Dream

Just started work ... had to leave house by 7.30am to be part of the KL Traffic Jam. Part of being a sales person - you have to plan your route during the jam. Reach destination to fetch colleague and head off to the wrong destination - omg...

Driving around town - getting lost but it feels so good when you find the place...calling old friends to ask for direction isn't exactly a fun thing to do - but sure glad you have good friends who would wake up to guide you to your destination..

Having meetings after meetings, energy is drained to maximum, reaching car park is like reaching the top of the mountain and you're just one more step away.... dropped laptop bag - take off earings... undo make up...

He comes over and massage you, kissing your neck and said "My dear you did well today!" You feel so relieved that someone appreciated everything that you did today... holds your hand and said "You look so exhausted... you should rest" *cutting cucumber for you and put it on your eyes* Tucks you into bed and makes sure everything else is done on behalf...

*POOFed* DREAM ON!! lol... this always happens to people who are single and have good imagination.