Wednesday, May 28, 2008

scary shit

Do you believe in Astrology? Today was accurately correct - SENTENCE BY SENTENCE... scary shit ^_^

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

strawberrymeowz's banner :)

Finally ~~ i've taken time to design this. I love the sketch on Chai Chai ~~ looks like him :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Foodilicious @ Bukit Tambun - Penang

Seriously... don't you find it's hard for you to differentiate between FACEBOOK & Blog?
I find it so hard to ... mmm.. should I upload my pictures on my blog? or facebook? or both? >.<

So for this little weekend getaway - the wedding pictures where it involves PEOPLE. I will upload to Facebook. Since I had the opportunity to eat at this really good SEAFOOD restaurant - I shall blog about it then.

On the way back home ~ we were following my cousin's car... and we thought - he was lost ~~ going through small curvy paths... and all.. until he called me "Hey.. Ching (only FAMILY is entitled to call me that ;p)... I bring you guys to eat Seafood !" ^_^ seafood.. yumzThis place is just simply - Beautiful the moment you walk down the stairways... you saw the scenery of this restaurant which is floating above this nice big river ... it's so classic!

Couldn't help it to spot - kittens... soooo cute ~~ in the atap (roof) of the house

Given that our daily life is about Cars, Laptop, Traffic.. it's just so good to see these kind of things once in a while..Can you imagine how big this piece of fish is?Ok.. this was the annoying part ... damn a lot of flies.. everywhere! I found it so amuzing that the restaurant uses their "CAN-hero" to help shoo the fly ~This is the BEST BEST fresh oysters i've ever had... :)

This is what I call it as "JUET JUET", but you eat the meat with toothpick. Taste like squid. This is the Lai Liu Har ~~ King Prawn? Cat fish... the sauce was excellent! Fish + Bee Hun (Noodle) Yumzz...
Lala ~~ Clams :)

Overall, the bill came up to be only RM209.00 (we had like 6 seafood dishes + 1 veggie). CHEAP!

Apparently - this is the original place for Biskut Tambun LOL.. this was by-far the most interesting thing I found in the restaurant.

Direct ACCESS :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

rain rain go away...

Recently, we all did something that I'm proud of for Old Folks Home in Puchong.
I wish life was just like painting a wall...
Putting a new coating of colors onto your life ~ and when it all looks bad - cover it with new paint.

I learnt a small lesson about life through painting the home... I would like to share ...

Strokes of paint was coated onto the wall - am I painting this with love? Of course...
Life gets so ugly sometimes that you wish you have the chance to start over...
But when you dip the brush onto the pain and started with a coat of paint...
You start realizing that situations can't be covered up straight away...

When you stroke to fix the ugly stroke... u end up having paint with bubble holes...

Suddenly, sky was crying... You can't paint when there's water...
When there's argument... is it best to solve the problem immediately?
Dapping it with newspaper - so that the water clears away...

Sweeping the problem under the carpet, focusing about how much you love each other...
Waited... soon enough Sun came out... dried all the water, so much easier to paint...

That's my little theory ~ hope people who are in this situation gets the meaning :)

Here are more pics of members of Lions Club of PJ City.
Pouring paint..Lion Chin Hwa (OC) + Lion Kee Oi (President)
Lion Darren (In-Coming President) Regina ~ Lion Levin's Sister (Guest)
Bottom: Kee Oi, Chin Hwa, Levin
Touch Up...
3 guest ~~ duno their name...
Completed project :)
Lion Daniel
Beautiful people.. with beautiful hearts :)Unfortunately - my shoe broke... :(

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marie Digby LIVE in KL

Many times we have creativity bouncing to us all of a sudden out of nowhere...
"I'm more creative after 6pm"... heard of that before?

In many ways, I agree to that sentence.. most of my ideas come bouncing off at odd hours of the day...Talking about odd hours of the day creativity...

The day before yesterday was the remarkable day where Marie Digby - the U-Tube Idol live in KL ~~
Creativity in odd hours of the day by recording video with guitar & grey sweatshirt - result : FAMOUS sponsored by GAP in KL with fans

Seriously, when you see sooo much crowd - getting into a good spot is needed.
thinking.. thinking.. thinking... result: Crazy U-Tubers .. still NOT anywhere near the stage :(

Some passer by commented "damn.. this is what you get for being short"
They should come out with first 3 rows.. height limit >150cm - next 3 rows : 150cm - 160cm...

Can you imagine that this applied to ALL events? (contributed by Alicia Phang)
Imagine that when you're at the counter buying ticket..
"May I please know your height?"
"err.. 165cm?"
"You would have to be in Row C"
"I'm also going with my bf... he's 173cm"
"Sorry he belongs to Row D"

Overall, Marie Digby's show was good ~~ people turned up and although it was like hot sauna and people bonded for lifetime due to exchanging sweats.. *eye rolled* I had my hand raised to record her first performance... a bit tiring.. sorry .. for some parts that was like earth quake... coz some ppl pushing pushing ~~~

I wonder when is it my turn where I'm on stage.. and I have a crazy crowd for me ?
see? creativity thinking ;p Enjoy a long weekend ~

Monday, May 12, 2008

no expectation vs disappointment

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you found yourself disappointed at something.... and just as when you could find the reason to blame... it was yourself?

Through experiences, I’ve started to have this theory about the correlation between expectation & disappointment.

Cherry is sad. She’s frustrated at this colleague of hers that just wouldn’t listen to her opinion and she’s having her PMS.
Double Trouble!

Cherry looked at the clock it’s 5 more minutes.. til 6pm! I SOOO need to get out of this office!...

At 6pm sharp, she leaves the office... and walk towards the car, as she walks – she finds herself scrolling down the phonebook of her phone to BABY.

She ask herself should I call him? ... mm.. Maybe he’s busy now... then she told herself well, if he really loves me... he would know how I feel now and he would call me after his work to ask how was my day.. then I can pour out my sorrows. Great plan!

Soon enough... 7pm pass by so fast... Cherry looks at her phone again... Network is working alright...

The phone rang... Cherry was so happy and quickly answered her phone... Hi babes! What you doing tonight?... It wasn’t BABY – It was her best friend – Kelly. Feeling a bit disappointed... Cherry answered nothing much... just nothing..

After dinner... she looked at the time again ... it’s 8.30pm ... Is he going to call? Why doesn’t he call or SMS?

The thing about this situation is that it’s so common for all of us – whether it’s baby... or hubby or darling or sweetie...

So, what if we don’t have expectation of the other party at all? Would we be happier? We get so excited when he/she does something when we not least expected...

BUT, are we suppose to have expectation at all?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

John Legend - Someday

Just finished watching this movie ~ wow.. simply beautiful movie - and the lyrics are fantastic!
we’ll get older we’ll get over
we’ll live to see the day that I hope for
come back to me
I still believe that
we’ll get it right again
we’ll come back to life again
we won’t say another goodbye again
you’ll live forever with me
someday, someday
we’ll be together
someday, someday

Saturday, May 10, 2008

twitched your heart

Well just finished watching the movie - What Happens in Vegas?

It was a fantastic movie... and there's so many parts that was generalizing how woman would react.... at the same time - i couldn't agree more ^_^

So I came up with 10 things that would twitched Ladies heart ~~ so boyz.. learn up!

@ no. 10..
He made a great impression to your boss during your company dinner

@ no. 9..
He surprise you home with your favorite home cooked meal with candles & your favorite songs & favorite wine.

@ no. 8..
He pretends not to listen to you while you talk about that dress you loved... then on your birthday - when you open the box.... it was that very dress in the right size.

@ no.7..
When you see your mom laughing with him...

@ no. 6..
He tells you that he's not showing up for your friend's gathering... and he showed up just when you look around - and everyone has a date... and he stops you from feeling lonely..

@ no. 5..
In cinema... it was the moment that you need re-assurance.... he leans over and gives you a kiss on your head...

@ no. 4..
The moment where you find urself smiling looking at him playing with kids...

@ no. 3..
He did something wrong.. and he walks over to you with 3 stalks of roses (without wrapping) and apologize... "Can I hug you?"... *heart melts*.... then to top it all - he whispers into your ear "Baby - I love you... a ... lottt..."

@ no. 2..
You came home tired like crazy... he warms up your clean towel & decorated the bathroom with your favorite scented candles.

@ no. 1..
While watching a beautiful scenery ... he hugs you from behind...

The trick is - never do them everyday :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't Worry Be Happy Bobby Mc Ferrin [ smile ]

Babes... this is soley dedicated to you!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

my little manja 2

Well.. recently - we had a hippie on KL FREEZE - While I took a stroll in KL Bird Park - for the upcoming Charity Event - I thought this was cute :)
Previously, I mentioned how I got this little cuttie :)
You know what they say about Pets ~ they know their owner's feelings... somehow
Did some photo shoot with Chai Chai... whenever I don't feel good ~ he's there to cheer me up :)

I hope he did a good job in cheering you up..
I LOVE YOU chai chai... :)
Thanks for cheering me up as usual...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mario Theme Played with RC Car and Bottles

damn cute ~ today i feel like a super mario coz i went for jogging + yoga.... feeling superb~~