Sunday, December 13, 2009

Try to Remember

2 months passed so fast.. It almost seemed like it was yesterday since I tendered my resignation...

What's next? What's new?

Next - I'm heading off to concentrate things that I wanted to do more.. and when the right opportunity lands on my head.. let's GO!

New - you know how messy my love life is - can never get it right. -- wait. that's not new.
hmm... let me tell you a story.

Ever felt like when you lean on someone - it's feels just right?
How he holds you in the arm, how he smiles, how he looked at you - melts your heart.
The way he whispers into your ear - I Love You... gives you the butterfly in stomach.
Nothing else matters in this world - you want to be selfish.
Everything seems right but wrong at the same time?
Your feelings is like thin glass in which will break any minute any seconds.

Do you then put everything on top of the glass knowing that it's going to break?
Do you then put everything at the bottom of the glass to support it when it breaks?

Heart tells you that this is it...
Brain tells you STOP THIS NOW.

Can I flip the coin?