Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye Malaysia, Hello Singapore (again).

Hey all,

It's been a while.. and yes indeed it was tragedy what happened to my beloved cat.
I still miss him EVERYDAY. pfft...

Well, loads have happened... changes in all areas... family, love, work.

Quick update on Family - we have our beloved Caden Lo joined our crazy family... he's soooo adorable - he's making his way to win everyone's heart... here's a picture of him:

Love - will update once it's confirmed. :)

Work - well.. as many of you have known.. I am leaving Msia (again) - yes.. I'm heading over to our neighboring country - Singapore! The land of the lions...

I am grateful for every single individual that has touched my life here in KL. It's been a rough, crazy, exciting journey for me since I've moved from Singapore. Indeed... I've survived through some crazy journey involving Exciting yet Dangerous moments of my life. There are soooo many people in which I would love to say "Thank you" so much to.

Bro's & Sis-in-law's - Thank you all for the lovely Sundays, it is the BEST way to spend Sundays - with 3 of us together - we talk crazy shit - and we laugh all our stress away. This is THE best medicine ever... and I will miss you all sooooo much - especially Sundays .. now it would be very lonely for me in Singapore. I promise to visit more often since it's so near. Once I've settled in, you are all welcome to come over here :)

Mom - Thank you so much for being a mother to me, being my best friend to me as well. You know I love you SOOO much! Yes, I know you would worry about me no matter how old I am. I will stay strong and healthy. (I'll try!) Don't miss me so much now - and please... go out and find yourself the MAN that you've always dreamed about. ^_^ Love you mom! Singapore is very near - and I know you would be moving over (soon I hope). It's your choice. :)

Team Malaysia - I've said all my goodbyes (individually) to you all - but here is the summarized version - I LOVE YOU ALL no matter what! Stay strong and kick ass! Someday, our path would cross each other again... I'll miss each one of you - and it's only YOU all that makes this Team Malaysia AWESOME! I'll make Team Malaysia Proud :)

Awesome Friends:
Animal Club - Heya.. I'll be spending my last Saturday Night with you folks - and no matter what... we've grown up sooo much, I still hope that our friendship stays strong. I've missed our trips where we get lost and drunk for FUN. But hey, we're all adults now - some of us are.. ;p Will miss you all especially Sue Ling, Jarett, Bernard... :)

Lions Club - Har! I've been missing in action - I know.. and I do apologize... Great to see you guys finally active in Facebook ^_^ woot woot! Thanks so much for your constant understanding and love... Please do take care! Keep in Touch!

VVIP Chat - Hi guys, you are all my BFF's :) Thank you sooo much for the crazy support and love you've given to me since donkey years... (GIS?) Love you all soooo much! Nana/Mich - I will see you in SG more often ... Howie/Veron - I will miss you both very much - once I've settled in to SG and get my Mobile stuff fixed up - I should be having iPhone ... then pls add me on VVIP Chat. Thanks for everything - putting up with my endless love stories... no 1, 2, ....

MSFT Friends - I know I've lost touch with most of you... Know that I've thought about you folks a lot :) Thanks again for everything... keep in touch!!

MACHAs - (do I have to specify who you are?) hehe... EMO Boys... :) I love you all... (as friends hahaha)... anyways... thanks soooo much for the endless support and love that you've shown to me ^_^ you all soooo sayang me ... I won't forget you guys.. I would probably miss you guys most! Now, I have to find SG Machas - if not I tweet you all - will you all drive down to drink and sing K with me? Gonna miss you all.. and THANK U again.. for showing up during my Farewell... TQ *bow bow*

Working Friends - seriously, I really look at you all much more of Friends than anything else.. It's been great to know each one of you. Mark Darren Lee, Richie Khaw & DiGi Gang, Syahar, Annuar & MAS Gang, Kenneth Teh, Melissa Chan & CIMB Gang + Octo, Kenneth Wong & Celcom Gang, Spencer & AA Gang, Joanne Chen, Desmond Kiu, Eileen, Edmund & Group M Gang, THE ENTIRE Starcom, Yoges, Kit, Emily & Zenith Gang, Danny Chin, Karen Mak, Yuki, Raymond & OMG Gang, Darren Yuen & Carat Gang, Soon Liang & Vizeum Gang, Pavan, Neeraj, Ulas & UM Gang, Jordan & Media Mind Gang, Rene, Pete, & all my ex colleague in BDS ... and all those that I didn't mentioned (please forgive me as I'm in a lot of medication as I'm typing all these)... ok *phew* ... Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. You gave me an opportunity to be friends with you and I cherish it all the way... If you've not heard this - it's because of YOU all that I had this opportunity to do what I dreamed about. I owe you all for this. I sincerely THANK you all. ^_^ XIE XIE! I'm very sure our path would be crossing again.. Look forward to see you all soon! Thank you so much those of you who showed up on Wednesday Evening :)

Star-Hoo Drinking Friends - Ethan, Erng Mei, Ronnie, Melissa, Justin, Chieu Mei - I know we've only had a few times.. but I felt as though we've bonded sooo much from it.. Genting is definitely the crazy one.. :) not to mentioned the Digital Webby... I'm gonna miss you all soooo much - especially Ethan, Ah-Mei, Mel -- muackss... stay crazy and drunk okay? Visit me when you all can in Singapore okay? ^_^

BFF - Desmond Wong ... sigh... I'm gonna miss you lots too!!! Now, I have to look for a new singing partner - that has the AWESOME voice.. (Yes. you are better than the DJ Club ones - well some of them la) Thanks for everything... you're an awesome BFF to have! You've cheered me up soo many times .. (you don't even know it) hahahhaa.. stay awesome okay? I wish you good luck in everything!! Love, Work, Business, Kids (making more i hope) hahaha.. and err.. Get that SPORTS car! :) so when I call you to come SG - it would be just 1 hour away...

Friday Nighters - Stan & Minh - me gonna miss Friday nights man.... Finnegans and crazy debates you guys have.. Love Hate Relationship there... :) you dudes take care and I see you both soon in SG! Keep the love tight there yah? *hugssss*

BF - Jo Lee ~~~~~ I'm gonna miss you babe... Even though you're so busy now.. we still have Friday night. Oh wait. That's tomorrow... :) YAY! You go SG often okay... I don't care! You better remember my birthdays and our Anniversaries... and *thinks* what else? special occasion as well... if not.. I ANGRY BIRD U.

PAPA - Ker Loon ^_^ thanks for calling me last night.. it was very sweet!! I wish you were there too! Now you BIG SHOT already la.. knowing all these NEW Juicey Whisperers friends.. :) I am very sure our career path would run into each other one day... ONE DAY! :)

Other Awesome Friends:
Now Friends Not Colleagues - but upgraded now Client - Asha... :) *hugs* gonna miss you babes... I am missing Jennie already... but she's so far away.. no difference for me.. SG/KL. Asha - you take care of yourself yahh.. don't always "mommy" ppl around and don't think for yourself... ^_^ muackss... see you in Hanoi!

Alan Wong - hey dude.. you didn't show up for my farewell! Thank you so much for everything ^_^ You go to SG so often - so I will see you there then :) *hugs* I will remember your PROMISE.. haha.. ;p

Alicia, Natalie, CH, Michelle - harloo... thank you guys so much for everything.. it was very nice to have met up with you all again for karaoke! Not like we spend a lot of time together recently, but I do miss our crazy times before... :) Gonna miss Alicia most! ~~~~ ^_^ muacksss you all take care now.. when u're in SG - call me kay?

Crazy Ladies - Alice Chang & all - Thank you Alice for coming last night :) I hope we all keep in touch and well - you are all married.. so update me when BABY is OTW yahhh? hehehe Thanks Alice for the lovely gift :) I will wear this boarding the flight...

Chee Keen - Dudeeeee... we no fate la.. hehehe anyways.. thanks for being there for me (virtually) whenever I needed to "TYPE HARD!" hahha.. Thanks dear for everything... your constant updates to me helps me to know "I am not the only one" hahahahha :p Hope to see you soon! *hugs*

Well.. Thank you all so much for coming to my farewell on Wednesday - I can't believe I didn't take any picture... :(

Thank you all for the lovely pressies too --- *hugs n kisses*

This is from the CIMB Gang... Thanks Kenneth Teh, I am bringing this with me and putting on my desk - this Octo - my baby ~~~ :) I remembered working on this during MSN days.. ^_^
This is from my lovely replacement - Ai Ling - babe.. this is soo awesome! I absolutely love it! It's expensive.. it's from JUICY Couture! Love the box.. Will bring this with me as well :)

This is from Joanne Chen (Group M) - Thank you so much for this.. I took out all the boxes and put the 2 bottles straight into my toiletries.. will be using this for my bath in Singapore! :) Thanks again "Mom-in-law" :) take good care of my hubby yah? ^_^

I'm leaving on Sunday - so if you have time during lunch - come by at KLIA! I will officially depart at 2.30pm - meaning that i would check in 1pm. Farewell lunch at McDs @ 11.30am onwards... :)

Well that's all for now... Stay tune for SG Regional Role Updates...

Take Care now.. ^_^ Love you all!


Monday, January 3, 2011

To Jolene From Chai Chai

Dear Jolene,

I thank you for everything there is for me, you took me from a cage where I was going to be put to sleep when I was just about 1 year old. I still remember your foot - the best part that I very love to manja on.

I remembered our 1st Christmas together - I still remember how I slept on your hair to feel safe sleeping at night. I was so scared of the scary sounds in the air - which you all call it Fireworks. I remember you even held me tight asking me to see it. That was scary - I thought the whole world was falling down.

I remember you bought me a lion - and say - this will be your best friend and he will protect me at night so I can sleep. I also remember those time where I would try to wake you up to work - you're a tough one to wake up. I've tried licking your face - and then you had sheet to cover. I've tried slapping your glasses to you - you hid them away. I've tried biting your toes to wake you up - you tucked it the sheets. I've tried tapping on your laptop so it would make sound like an alarm - you muted the sound. I've tried scrapping off your keyboards - I manage to take off "C", "3" and "P" - (no it's not a mystery) - but you close the lid off. But I seriously hope you can wake up by yourself now. :)

The truth is - I've watched you grown up in all these 6 years... I have became your safety zone - where you know when you're sad - I am always here for you. I would just rest my head on your hand - and I can see your little smile underneath all the sadness and tears. You have become a little like a "MAMA" to me. Your aunt noticed that I don't "MEOW" - but it's more like I'm calling you "MAaaa" funny huh. I wish I could talk more - but I can only blog.

We've had our moments - where you were soo angry at me - when I accidently poo'ed on your bed. You went away sooo long - and I missed you - and then I felt like I needed to poo... (I know I know - no excuse). Every time you hit my butt - it felt good - coz it proves you still care about me.

I love it when you are working - I jump on this space between your face and the laptop so you could kiss me gently on my head. That's the best part that I will always remember - it almost felt like I need that EVERYDAY.

Mama, please know that I love you and I will always love you no matter where I am.

In loving memories, signing off for good ...
Yours Truly,
Chai Chai

030111. 9.00am.
KL: The loving cat Chai Chai, whose body was found at the floor with extreme head injuries, slipped off from 6th Floor - passed away on the hand of the owner while driving to the nearest Clinic on Jan 03, 2011. The family will miss him dearly - we will all pray for him - Rest In Peace Chai Chai.