Monday, June 30, 2008

whack him up...

What’s worst?

Situation Shit:
You are your boyfriend’s BEST friend. The only one he opens up to, the only one he trust to talk about almost everything with. Then CHENG CHENG CHENG~~ he tells you the truth – he still loves his ex and then obviously – broke it up with you. But because you guys started out as friends, and he has no one else to talk to except for you. YOU stupidly listen to the man you love – talk about another woman that he loves. Pretends to be his friend, listen to him, and then cry yourself on a pillow.... SHIT!

Situation Ass:
You and your boyfriend broke up clean – no argument and absolutely the most decent way – adults talking – and understanding that Long Distance won’t work. Then CHENG CHENG CHENG ~~ he tells the whole world that he obviously in denial about the feelings he have for his ex. *NEW : he has a new gf* What an ASS!

Situation Holy Moly:
You and your partner just started but haven’t got together officially... Your partner had a date, and then they got drunk... and they left the club scene to hotel... @_@... You know which hotel room he lives in. You stand in front of the door ... noticed – DO NOT DISTURB sign is on. You hear sounds of girl moaning. Tears rolled out from your eyes. Holy Moly!

Situation WTF:
You did some nice things for your partner – all sweet and really out of the way things... things that you normally wouldn’t do – but because you love that person, you would go the extra mile to make things happen. He tells you “aww.. it’s so sweet of you to do that... really ~ appreciate it a lot” ... turns around and tells his best friend “that’s so awkward!”. WTF!

A lot of us would think that in some situation – we’d rather not know about stuff...
HEAR no EVIL ... so we can still move on with life happily.

A lot of us would want to know the truth and move on ...
SEE no EVIL... so we know it hurts and won’t repeat it again.

A lot of us would rather not know .. but once find out – we will whack that person up!
SAY no EVIL... no need to say further... whack him up!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


It's me again! She's finally fast asleep...

I noticed that last few weeks, she's been quite down... as she return from work, as usual - I'm always overly excited about her coming back. She immediately plunged onto her bed staring at the ceiling.... and I quickly jump up the bed and lay next to her. She will then put her hands on my head and stroke my back.. Ahhhh.. nice nice :)

Sometimes, she ask me silly question "Do you understand when I talk to you?" Of course I do... I can only reply "meowww" but she wouldn't understand. Somtimes she picks up my meows, whenever I Meowww differently - she knows that I need to pee or eat or want to go out. But nevertheless, I always stand next to what I want ~ not THAT hard..

As she stroke my head, she starts telling me what's happening out there... she says "Nowadays, people are sooo stress with how things turn out to be ~ petrol increase... oh wait - do you know what's petrol?" she laughed.. gee. of course i know... its what keeps the noisy square shaped thing move! ohh wellz. then she continued "sigh.. I'm stress with how things turn out for me..." she goes on about her love life... this guy.. and this guy... and this guy... sigh..

She's never changed or learnt from her mistakes... she follows her heart most of the time... Sometimes, I wish I can be her prince charming to love her... so she would stop going out there to hurt herself. But I guess I can only be here to lay by her side when she tears, sigh, and bitch about guys... *eye rolled* but I certainly don't want her to turn into this guy below... which woke me up in the morning... (YES. I know how to use a camera!) ^_^

with lots of hugz ~~ good night!

Chai Chai

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

life is precious. cherish it while it last!

My brother is like my Sunday buddy ~~ He’s mischievous in the most annoying ways – according to my mom, he like getting whacked by me~

I was lying down on the bed staring at the ceiling, thinking to myself – should I be wearing Green or Red? Well.. Red looks striking.... My bro came rushing into the room, grabbed my phone and start jumping up and down, switch the phone over to the right hand... and to the left hand... so I cannot reach to take it back.... *argh!!* “Idiot! Give back or else!”.... then the phone accidently slipped off his chubby hands... and it just flew in the most perfect arch angle and land on the floor. The “fun” stopped, I felt fire burning on my back “JOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIN!”.... the big size bro... kinda shrank in size into a small mice went into panic mode... trying to run from me ~~~

The next thing I knew... He jumped to the window... and fell........... @_@ OMGgggggggggggggg... shit! I ran quickly over the window, guilt feeling start raising as I looked over the window.. and hear his scream “ahhhhhh...” I quickly shouted “Hold onto anything at all.. just grab whateverrrrrrrrr!” As he falls (we stay in 6th floor)... my heart fell with him.. . suddenly, he managed to grab onto a black pipe and he stop falling... *phew* my god... that’s so close! “Hold on to it ok? Don’t let go!!!”.... and then the pipe starts slipping off... and “ahhhhhhhhhh....” he starts faling again.. and then soon enough – before I can say anything ~ i heard a loud THUMP he’s on the ground .... not moving!

I ran quickly to the gate... screaming to mom.. “Jowin fell.... he’s he’s... on the floor... OMG OMG OMG.... “ before she could say anything.. I’m already in the lift pressing “G” and felt like I’m gonna collapse soon... I can’t even stand.. my tears was rolling down my face.... I was feeling GUILT ... it was just a PHONE! How could I get sooo angry at my own blood brother? STUPID STUPID!

I managed to conserve my energy and gave it the last breathe... running towards him .... and all of a sudden.. I saw ~ he was badly injured... but he moved..... He’s ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! Omg.... that was the moment I felt that I’m not ready to lose my brother ~~ and I love him very much!

I woke up in sweat. Shocked. Stoned. Exhausted. That was a dream? OMG. SCARY @_@

Today marks the day where my grand-aunt (77years old) passed away due to a Bus Accident while she’s on the way to Singapore. Rest In Peace ~~

Life is precious.. cherish the people around you :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

what to do in Bali?

OK OK... putting the drama aside ~ need to start planning my trip ~

Destination : B..A..L..I..
Departure Date : 18th July 2008
Arrival Time: 13.55hrs
1) Check in to hotel.
2) Stare at the ceiling.. oh wait. must take picture of the room first ~~
3) Change to bikini. grab my sunglasses.. mat? mp3... water... Sun... TAN TAN TAN~~~

ok. so that's like the idea i have up to now. What is there to do in Bali?

1) Ubud ~ Definitely a stop for me - and my ARTISTIC side ~ probably do sketches (which i haven't done in years now)
2) Surfing ~ well.. since it's one of my list of things to do when i hit to Gold coast, might as well do it now huh?
3) Diving ~ seriously? is it goood?
4) Clubbing ~ what's the special Bali Drink i should be drinking ar?

Things i've booked:
1) 2 hours Balinese Massage ... OF COURSE!
2) 1/2 day tour of the city ~ that would be useful to do on the first day i guess :)

1st day :
1/2 day tour + chill to TAN + clubbing ~~

2nd day:
Surfing in the AM + Diving + 2 hours Massage

3rd day:
Departure Time :2015hrs (shit. what kind of booking i did la ~)
Ubud + walking around

Is that good plan? People ~~~ pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee tell me what is the highlight of Bali ~ :)

For now. i'm on a diet ~
Signing off.. I'm now in a cruise sipping away cocktail.. getting my first tanning trip (if it doesn't rain) ^_^
no i'm not going on a cruise with kenny sia ~~

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ended with 2 clicks

mr J was my college mate, the guy who would never break a girl’s heart kinda guy... It is fate that brought us together, and in some ways, it is also fate that brought us apart. Am I sad about it ? Yes I am.

We all know how it started – it was over some fancy site call – FACEBOOK. ^_^ I took the initiative to message him our first message “Hi...” and up to now, we have over 400++ message exchanged, over RM2000 cost of phone bills expensed, many chats about things that doesn’t matter in life was spoken... it’s even rare to find someone who shares the same exact ideal dream date scenario as yourself, someone who can read your mind... (how likely can that be?)

As days passed... I still remember my friends say “it’s your honeymoon period.. that’s why it seems so good :)”. I guess they are right, I didn’t really care then as I was in this mode of happiness and proud to have him as my boyfriend (which doesn’t rarely happens). We both have our own set of life – He has his life over there – with his friends, games, books, vacuum cleaner, work, and his bob ;p n I have my set of life here – with family, friends, charity work, classes, work and I even ventured into his family :)

So many people asked – How’s LDR? Let me tell you that it is seriously HARD WORK. Communication is the key word. Because it’s our first LDR – endless effort of reassurance, my endless ngom ngom (complaining), our endless progressing bills and workload pushed the pressure tab ON. Well, I secretly planned a trip to Bali with him in fact :) and I was so BOBO (dumb)... that I accidently spilled to him that we are going to Bali ~ we both had a good laugh! We have so many of those moments which brought joys into our complicated life.

I have to admit that I didn’t really help by going all moody and emotional – during my period time – so that’s about 4 times in our relationship he has to go through with my insecurities session. The things is that we both understand this “period” PMS thingy and most of the time... the conversation just goes – “bb, you having period?.... ahh I thought so...”.

Sweet memories where he casually calls up and strums in the guitar ~ which melts my heart .. like TOTALLY! And I think I melt his heart cause I spent time with his family :) But the last month of our relationship was quite tough ~ Pressure tab ON, we stop calling each other so much because we can’t afford it, exams round the corner, events and due dates round the corner for me... and of course – how can we not forget – we have so many options in the ocean and friends to entertain and influence our thoughts.

Seriously, sometimes, we use our heart so much that we don’t see things clearly – I may be an emotional girl to begin with – emotionally dependent in fact, but I’m glad I’ve learnt to grow from this – I’m using my logical thinking to conclude this love story that we have. It was a sweet memory of over-the-phone, cyber relationship ~ You think we’ll still be friends?

.StrawberrymeowZ. says:
i'll do it now
.StrawberrymeowZ. says:
mr j says:
ok , readyyy
.StrawberrymeowZ. says:
mm that wasn't THAT hard
.StrawberrymeowZ. says:
.StrawberrymeowZ. says:
just 2 clicks

In any case, anyone wants to go Bali with me? ^_^

Monday, June 16, 2008

there's something about Apple

I once know this girl named Apple. She's at this time where it is very important for her to choose the right guy. Again, how do we know who is the right guy?

I guess a big part of being a woman makes us feel like we are emotional about everything, while some of us accepts that as a fact, Apple spends her day being strong and portrays what all guys want ~ emotional independent. She would keep herself occupy with her busy life, making new friends, hanging out with friends, making exciting trips, playing poker.

She's not exactly the girl-next-door type, but she's not too bad of a girl .. besides the fact that she drinks, smokes and gambles. Apple has a certain character to her that no one else would probably have. In some ways, she is special; and she truly believes that Mr. Orange will just have to accept her the way she is.

In her mind... Mr. Orange needs to be the guy she can see him portraying as a father of her kids, someone who she can smoke together when stress, someone who just loves her for the amount of time she needs to get ready @_@.

She’s the type of girl that you would feel very comfortable with, she would definitely take a moment of her time to think on behalf of someone ~ sometimes, her endless caring to her friends in the most un-selfish manner always gets her into troubles. Troubles that would end up hurting herself more than anything else.

Many moments in life when things gets tough - she has friends everywhere to care about her, she sincerely shares her stories and her troubles and because of her sincerity – she gets advices and attention that she needs for her to get her Mojo back.

There are so much of her that is great... and there’s always a saying ~ an Apple a day – keeps the doctor away. Guys need to discover this fantastic gal and “activate” her once again..

Thursday, June 12, 2008

smile is good

Friends are very important.

We'll never know ... until we lost them. But I know they are important cause ...
1) They tell you the worst advice ever... but the most realistic.
2) They tell you the worst case scenario to the extend that you would cry... but you're prepared.
3) They fill you with stories... of stories.. of people whom you do not know... but you're occupied.

For the last few weeks, mood wasn't the exactly the best - I just want to thank a few friends for being there for me and made me smile.... thanks ya all :)

This is Indiana Jones. lol.. but I guess I'm part Indiana Jones too ~ pet pet pet pet pet...

This is Jason - my kor kor... he who always ask me to think realistic about things.
Of course. Who wouldn't know Alicia? lol. and Mary ~ both the ultimate sweet heart :) My grandma - just visited her recently. Sigh. She's lived a long live (92yrs).. hard to describe my feelings with her. but guess what she did? She made me smile :)

and oh. i did some retail therapy - my new glasses i bought from Penang.
Top 3 Best companion in the whole wide world...

Number 3...
Number 2 - Strawberry Margarita ~
Number 1 - Tiramisu...yumz from BoatHouse - TTDI.
If you feel like you're emo too? Always hang out with friends.. it helps..

HOWEVER - If all fails.. please do call these fellas below.. :)

Found this in Penang. Funny huh?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

there is a difference

been feeling down. no one to turn to. things not going your way... *cries*

as i travel this journey of my complex brain... i find that it is due to the difference of brain perception between a guy and a girl that ultimately causes misunderstanding... pls correct me if i'm wrong.

GIRL - "I'm feeling emo..."
GUY - Why now? Aiyarr.. whatever I say to calm her down also will go wrong one. Better to back off!!
Ultimately what girl want : Being there to listen, no need to say ANYTHING at all... just being there... a nice SMS "Hi Dear, Hope you are feeling better today... just want to say I'm here for you :)"

GUY - "This is not a good time"...
GIRL - What? How can that be? I'm your girl friend for gods sake! You have time to twitter other people... or take pictures to upload to flicker?
Ultimately what guy wants : I need space.

GIRL - "Why can't you understand me?"
GUY - I do, I know what you need.... you need space...
Ultimately what girl want : Agreeing with her to whatever she wants to say... YOU ARE RIGHT BABY!

GUY - "This isn't the first time that you're reaching out to me.."
GIRL - WHAT? does this mean that the 100th time - you're not gonna care?
Ultimately what guy want : A statement of anger at the moment... probably shouldn't have said that.

GIRL - "I understand you have exams... We shall talk after your exams..."
Ultimately what girl want : She still needs to talk about everything, she still need re-assurance, she still need your care, she still need your love...

Got anymore? do share...

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Hi fellow readers of Jolene Loh.

This is my first blog entry from HE - who is the sleeping partner of her :) Enjoy...

I sat on the window of the balcony, starring at the annoying flying objects that makes that irritating sound... I hear HER car driving pass ... annoying feeling gone... She's HOME finally...
I ran to the front door, sitting there - repeatingly telling myself... "Hey pretty! You're home... I missed you..." nah. that sounds awful... "Hey momz.. did you miss your little cuttie pie?"... ew. that's not me. I know.. "Meow meowwwww meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww".. that would do it.

Lift bell stops at our floor, I was so excited. That must be her footsteps.. with that funny looking heels.... not to mention ~ I think SHE is very pretty whatever she wears... She would spend HOURS n HOURS... in the morning - changing ... looking at the mirror.. CHANGING ... then looks at the mirror. Sometimes, she asked my opinion - i only have ONE Look. ^_^ can't help there.

She opens the gates, and she always calls my name in the most adorable way... my heart melts when she calls me... hmm. something is not right... she looks ..... sad. she didn't call me at all, did I do something wrong? I stop pooing everywhere already.... pee? nope. i didn't do anything wrong. Let me go bug her then...

She puts down her bags and she just sat on the bed... she finally noticed me... as I walk in.. she walks to me... and held me in her arms... the hug was A BIT tight... but I guess she needs that. Sometimes, I wish I can say things that she would understand... like "Everything is going to be fine..." but I guess I couldn't.

Then after shower, I stayed on her side while she taps her finger gently on her black square machine - I love that machine - coz it generates out heat air -- I love to sleep there. She suddenly lets out a big SIGH... I jump to the table - trying to stop her from working... she looks at me - and for a moment... there.. I thought I was in trouble. But, I used my head to stroke by her face... and that was the moment where I felt I've done my job .... SHE SMILED :)

Signing off... for now... before she catches me..
Chai Chai

Thursday, June 5, 2008

why start something that cannot be finish?

Question: Ever felt like it's never enough... like when does it stop?

So - someone prompt me this question "Why start something that can't be finish?"
Like what on earth does that mean?

So I decide to write a blog about it...there can be a few meaning behind this...

Theory A : Jack of all traits, Master of none
Always love start something else while working on the other task - so much that currently, I have 4 decks presentation to work on concurrently - and instead of spending 100% effort to finish ONE, I spend 25% on each... but do I get it done? Kind of... not really... @_@

But.. I love the feeling of starting something new.... it's like a NEW motivation of making you think ^_^

Theory B : Patience
I was having a feedback session with my babe ...
J : "I start to notice my pattern on relationship - 3months is the "trial session" and then if it works - it goes on.. if not I choose to stay happy and move on..."
A : "But that's like running away from problems..."
J : @_@ oh shit... I AM...
A : "Uh-huh" *nods nods*

In a situation where you go through shitz but not knowing whether you would succeed or not ... I'd rather play to win and choose being happy...

Theory C : Re-assurance
Guess this applies to a lot people that I know... we all need re-assurance somehow, whether it was purchasing a black tube or a wedding gown. We always need someone to re-assure our decision. Caught this situation:

As Cherry looks herself in the mirror - she turns to her best friend Nancy and asked "... So how do I look?". For a moment, Nancy frowned and pushed her annoying hair to the side looked at Cherry as though she is checking the finished product before delivering to the Queen. Cherry rolled her eyes... "Come on babes.. it's not THAT hard to tell me what you think..." Nancy finally opened her mouth ...
N: "Ok.. here's what I think. The top pattern looked too flowery for you...
C: but... it's Summer!
N: "and.. the cutting of the skirt isn't right for you... it kinda makes you look ... er.. wide?...
C: I've lost 5kg... she doesn't know what she's talking about...
N: "Well.. Green looks good on you but I think the other top in Guess looked better :)"
C: Yes. Green looks nice on me... ok - I'll buy~~

Funny how we just WANT to hear things we WANT to hear...
As friends -- why bother telling the truth?

Seriously... My question back to you...
1) What is the definition of Finish?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Foodilicious @ Wendy's Bistro + Green Room

Sigh.. I've been called someone who loves food ~~ ^_^
aiyarrr.. I'm on diet weiii (BALI BALI BALI~ think bikini!)
Neways, got the invite to go for a GROUP lunch with my ex-colleagues

Group lunch turned out to be just 3 of us... lol ^_^This is the HIGHLIGHT of the lunch ~ Apparently they said it was GOOD :)
I don't eat pork BY THE WAY ;p
I ate the Breakfast - not worth it :(
But there are some things in which my readers would be interested.. I guess..
Must eat wor~~Unfortunately, as mentioned - I was on diet and the dessert line just almost killed me!I can't help but to take a picture of what it ULTIMATELY looks like... lolNEXT STOP ~ After my Graphic Design Class, I went out dinner with my Jee Muis.
The Green Room @ Hartamas
No.10 (Ground Floor), Jalan 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 603 2300 0683

This is my Happy Pill ~~ See how juicy it isss? yumzz

Lately, I've been addicted to Dragon Roll ~ It has the Prawn inside & Avocado Topping ~

This is my signature - special requested from Readers :)

I draw Garfield everywhere I go. Ultimately ~ a Graphic of myself :)
Muackss ~~

Monday, June 2, 2008

Benny & Jephrine's Wedding 01.06.08

Question of the day: Ever met an interesting character until the point that you wish you didn't meet?

Got a phone call from old buddy ~ Benny Toh "Ey Jolene... can you be the emcee for my wedding ar?" *heart skip a beat*.... Brain tells you .. good opportunity ~ maybe new business ...
"Er... OK! SURE!"... *what did i get myself into???...*

Here we have my first clients? - but CONGRATS~
The highlight of the event was the part where i made Benny say
"I want to make lots and lots of babies" as the 3rd Toast - in French ~

The deco inside the hall was just simply ROMANTIC...
they call this - the Fairy Lights... nice :)

Cause of a friend who played with my lighting settings.. my pictures are very DARK ~ but this came out pretty nice -- i like!

Dessert - nice nice.. this is the dish that I sat longest ~~ ^_^

All of us so happy for them ~~
Congrats once again ~ Mr. & Mrs. Benny Toh!!
If you want to hire me as Emcee - please don't hesitate to let me know - My charges are very reasonable :)