Monday, January 3, 2011

To Jolene From Chai Chai

Dear Jolene,

I thank you for everything there is for me, you took me from a cage where I was going to be put to sleep when I was just about 1 year old. I still remember your foot - the best part that I very love to manja on.

I remembered our 1st Christmas together - I still remember how I slept on your hair to feel safe sleeping at night. I was so scared of the scary sounds in the air - which you all call it Fireworks. I remember you even held me tight asking me to see it. That was scary - I thought the whole world was falling down.

I remember you bought me a lion - and say - this will be your best friend and he will protect me at night so I can sleep. I also remember those time where I would try to wake you up to work - you're a tough one to wake up. I've tried licking your face - and then you had sheet to cover. I've tried slapping your glasses to you - you hid them away. I've tried biting your toes to wake you up - you tucked it the sheets. I've tried tapping on your laptop so it would make sound like an alarm - you muted the sound. I've tried scrapping off your keyboards - I manage to take off "C", "3" and "P" - (no it's not a mystery) - but you close the lid off. But I seriously hope you can wake up by yourself now. :)

The truth is - I've watched you grown up in all these 6 years... I have became your safety zone - where you know when you're sad - I am always here for you. I would just rest my head on your hand - and I can see your little smile underneath all the sadness and tears. You have become a little like a "MAMA" to me. Your aunt noticed that I don't "MEOW" - but it's more like I'm calling you "MAaaa" funny huh. I wish I could talk more - but I can only blog.

We've had our moments - where you were soo angry at me - when I accidently poo'ed on your bed. You went away sooo long - and I missed you - and then I felt like I needed to poo... (I know I know - no excuse). Every time you hit my butt - it felt good - coz it proves you still care about me.

I love it when you are working - I jump on this space between your face and the laptop so you could kiss me gently on my head. That's the best part that I will always remember - it almost felt like I need that EVERYDAY.

Mama, please know that I love you and I will always love you no matter where I am.

In loving memories, signing off for good ...
Yours Truly,
Chai Chai

030111. 9.00am.
KL: The loving cat Chai Chai, whose body was found at the floor with extreme head injuries, slipped off from 6th Floor - passed away on the hand of the owner while driving to the nearest Clinic on Jan 03, 2011. The family will miss him dearly - we will all pray for him - Rest In Peace Chai Chai.