Sunday, June 14, 2009


hi hi.. it's ME (chai chai)...It’s been a long time since I had the chance to write. She’s drunk. She told me that she went to this Media Specialist Award (MSA), had an exciting moment with some group that she didn’t like. She told me stories in which are like all over… I guess she’s really drunk. I don’t even know what’s Media Specialist Award – I know award… I wish got BEST CAT AWARD (BCA).

Nowadays, she’s home early and she’s been going for jogging – had more quality time with me. I love it!

Oh – back to the stories on her funny night out. She said that she went to the night out knowing that the fellas would be there as well, she wanted to “face” them. Just like how I wanted to “face” those birdies who always tease me – kuku kuku kuku. Damn birds!

She said she was very careful with drinks – so she swapped and made the guy drank the same drink that she drank for the rest of the night just so she can make sure that it wasn’t spiked! I think she’s quite clever.

Recently, I somehow injured my leg – so limping a bit, went to see doctor – hated doctors… touch here touch there – ask me to walk walk. Then made her buy me the cage for 1 week, so I can rest my leg. I know she cares about me a lot – but I hate it when I’m in the cage… Felt so weird.

From the doctor, we found out that I’m actually 6 years old already. Time flies!

Friday, June 5, 2009


A wise man shared with me this concept of “Tickles” – I would like to write an entry about this.

You lie awake looking at your partner sleeping, light of sunray suddenly shines over her face, the woman you love, the woman you share all the dirty secrets with, the woman who makes sure that your fever goes down by driving out to buy packets of ice in the middle of the night. Often or not, we always describe her as THE ONE, she who knows your favourite dish, she who knows your favourite TV programme, the one that leaves you alone when the Game is on. She understands you...

You suddenly remembers this flash back of the time where you look forward to make her smile, that very day where you had to be on your feet because if you don’t do anything at all, she’s going to be running off with a JERK. You cannot let that happen, you want to make her happy and have children with her, you wish for it that one day you lie down starring at her beauty as she falls asleep like this very moment.

Often, there’s HONEYMOON period, and there’s GET-TO-KNOW-EACH-OTHER-BETTER period, and then there’s GET OFF ME period. What about the SHE TICKLES MY BRAIN period? We used to think so much before doing anything, almost like playing chess. Thinking a few steps before to get the result that was predicted. Wise man said that the only way to happiness is to find that one person that Tickles you every day until he/she passes away. If you don’t find, you wouldn’t understand the meaning of BEING ALIVE.

K la – I find a vibrator... just change battery only. ^_^