Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ending 2010. Starting 2011

I’m glad that 2010 is going to end soon – can’t wait to 2011. It’s gonna be great!

2010 has been great year for me - it's been up and down, no dull moments. Family is great, my elder brother had our first ever generation of Lo's - he's adorable. He's now on my phone wallpaper to make me smile. My younger brother has gone off to college, and living the TEENAGE dream - has a beautiful girlfriend and so loving. Mom is great - she's so independent now - I am so proud of her. As for Chai Chai - the man of my life - he's still adorable and cute in his very own way.

Work's been great - closed a few big deals - got to see how politics work in a big company. Career path is on track - we've got a great leader who inspires me. I love that.

Love - it's just so messy - it's hard to understand. So many times - I felt sooo lost, felt like a hypocrite, felt like a slut, every single feeling there is - I felt it. But you know what? It made me stronger and more matured. It has built me up to be like a robot - I feel like I could never love again. Am I wrong to say that I don't believe in love? Maybe the time is not right, maybe I've not met the right guy. So many excuses were put out there for me to feel better. On this note - I am thankful for all my friends who are always there for me. Friends who laugh with me on my ugly side, friends who hugs me when I needed it.

People, I will love again one day - trust me - and when that day comes, it is Love, Faith and Hope that I would be thankful for. Without my friends and family - there will not even be the 3 elements that I could hold onto. To everyone who has touched my life in every different way - from the bottom of my heart - Thank You. Thank you soo much for loving me.

Happy New Year!

With lots n lots of love,

Jolene :)