Monday, September 29, 2008

Take more risk!

Yo yo yo~~~ Yes. I've been busy. Yes - I'm suppose to update what business did I venture into... Yes - I miss blogging... :)

Recently, I've learnt a lesson thru some activities I did... The event "ShootZ" - bring your sibblings for paintball ~~ all 14 of us went to paintball in Subang. AWESOME! sniff - didn't take a lot of pictures... coz I was busy holding my gunnn!!!

Must tell story... SO~ I was the last woman standing in my group... 3 more pallets, 2 guys .. one on the right. one on the left... i was hiding in between two stacked up tires... and my gun -- aRGH... stuck! ... pullng the handle down to fix it..didn't work... *panic*... and the guy on my right was coming closer... and shot~ manage to avoid the bullet... *matrix moment* ... sigh.. gun still stuck.. dont care ... I jumped out with my faulty gun and scare the guy - he went to hide behind the tree seeing me jump out suddenly.

*phew*.. that will buy me some time... *fixing the gun*.. arghhhh... the gun died. stupid gun.

Shot the guy on my right with 1 pallet... roll on the floor to up-shoot the guy on the left with 2 pallets. woot woot... then i can blog "a girl shot 2 'SG NS' guys with 3 pallets left".... woot woot

Truth is that - in the end... got a close range shoulder shot by the guy on my left. sniff. ouch. Moral of the story: No matter what you tell to people, the end result is that you will get shot. Always best to take the risk and WIN proudly!

These are the only 2 pictures I have ~sniff~ Yes. Poor him - kena strapped by a silver tape - early in the morning!! lolx... yes. very bulu-ed.
I was also in Hennessy Artistry - and again.. didn't take much pictures coz I was busy with drinking - love the Hawaii Drink. That's some awesome shit.
So I should take more risk........ hmmm... a point to myself.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


hi hi.. it' me chai chai again..
i noticed the pattern of my writting - i'll post once every month

Recently, she is extremely busy with work... she comes home still talking on the phone "let's theme it as -- WHITE!... no.. BLACK!... no... black is evil... RED!... no... ok ok.. BLACK n WHITE?"

While she is busy talking on the phone about this big party she is organizing... she still does kiss me and holds me. ^_^ I'm just greatful she didn't forget about me.

As soon as she offs her phone, I thought it would be time for ME~~ she lie down beside me looking at me... we have this understanding eye contact... and then she's off to another phone call...

She told me stories about how she was to this old couple...

After putting down the petrol pump, pulled out the receipt, lock the gas cap, close the lid... noticed the wira in front of my car ~ the cap was on top of the car...

*What's petrol? nvm.. *

then... they totally forgot about the cap ... and drove off......
so with my instict .. i just knew that the cap will fall... so i quickly sat into the car.. and chase them...

good thing they weren't driving that fast... so when they were taking the corner.... the cap fell out. so I drove up and stop the car.. and went to pick up the cap and put it on my left side -- and I continue to drive and chase after the car...

*chase after -- like how I chase after the lizard.... ahhhh*

then... they made u-turn.. and it was my turn -- the lights went red... so i put on the emergency signal... and went ahead to u-turn... and chase after... finally they stopped at the roadside... I think they want to go to market.... I quickly grab the cap and got down - walked over and pass it to the aunty... and she was like "aa... oh.. thank you.. aiyarr.. dear... u forgot to close the cap la..." the uncle came out of the car... "aaa.. thank you thank you..."

*did they give you a reward? like a fish?*

No. they didn't give me anything.. but it was that nice feeling of being a hero... ^_^

Somehow her eyes glowed while she was telling this story... that glow was so special... like stars in the sky....

Signing off....
Chai Chai

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

back to basics

yes - i have ventured into opening my own business ~~ together with Ben, we will be organizing something HUGE in December 2008. Will update later >.<>

Now, I am working in the morning and evening and saturday and sundays.... whenever i hav free time. Recently, met up with a lot of our long lost college friends... and thinking the good old days.

Remember - how we used to carry the plastic folders to class? Waking up -- thinking what to wear -- today is Accounting class - that hottie is in the class - so must wear a bit nicer ~~ Studying in library for exams with friends, doing group research, smoking breaks (I don't smoke!), illegal parking coz too lazy to take the stupid bus, last minute assignments, group presentation.... my my.. how time just pass by so fast.

I went on a date recently - and it made me realize that you know -- it's rare to find guys still treating ladies as though it was their first date of their life... the planning of when she steps into the car - surprising her with flowers... (old fashion? sweet .. i think)... getting the doors for her, making sure the booking is confirmed, the usual *sweat* panic-but-macho look, preparing what questions to ask... lolx... u know the drill ~ but we all seems to grow out of it... as we grow older - does that mean romance is fading? the butterflies in stomach feeling is gone? no more flowers?

I'm not saying that we should always treat everything as though it was the first time doing.. but it's nice to have that once in a while :) thanks date ~~ for making me feel like back to basics ~~ u know who you are...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

will you marry me?

Well lotssssssssssss to update!
1) ME all good now - back to usual self (no more vertigo *fingers crossed*
2) I am organizing a RAVE party end of this year - EXTremely happy as it's CONFIRM ONZ!
3) Getting lots of praises from guys :)
After my incident - like I mentioned.... I'm back to Night life ~ My merdeka was so awesome that I drank 12 hours long... ~~~ and I finally get to meet Michelle (Alicia's Sister)!! She's so cute and wonderful - single too!! I also get to witness Alicia's loss of virginity to TATOO~~ but it's worth all the pain. And how can we not forget the most important thing in the world - my BOSS's Birthday...
He is allergic to Chocolate, cheeze, anything with Milk... So end up buying a jelly cake - which turn out to be yumzz too!

Happy Birthday Boss !!
Yes. He is wearing a Tiara + Sash. And he did a crazy thing too!
After blowing off the candles... My boss asked "Do you guys want to know what I wished for?"

Some of us said "NO~ then it won't come true"

He said.. "What I wish for my birthday is.... *reaches to his pocket* for my gf to marry me... " the rest was in the video I took (which was soooo dark!!!)

Congrats boss ~~~ ^_^

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sweet + heart

When we were kids, mom used to tell us Sweets are bad for your teeth, if you eat more, your teeth will grow black black one... then not pretty anymore.

But, to think of it now - we understand the logic of tat concern.

Ever had this feeling before?

You have a fuzzy feeling towards someone, you also know that you don't want to trust your feelings anymore. You tell yourself, no no... you're not going to think about it. When you listen to love songs, you think about him again. You slap yourself - concentrate!! You have lunch with friends, they talk about Him, heart twitched... You think logically (relationship are just expensive, dinners/dates/phonebills, soooo much effort!)

The usual heart & head debate. Ulimately, no one is going to win.

But weirdly, this debate last longer now than when we were kids - we would just ignore mom's nag and even steal the sweet and stuff it in our mouth before she turns around.