Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Foodilicious @ Sushi Zanmai + Cava

Seriously.. it's non stop birthday celebration for me in July ~ woo hoo!
Office Celebration for July Babies ~~ ME & Hans!My colleagues:
Hans (on the left) & famous rockstar ~ Mingz My Boss~ Quota... quota... no quota. no smile This was Ming's only food.. apparently - he loves simple i guess... Eel filling~
unagi roll.. this is very very good
Prawn roll.. yumz. (can't remember the official names)
Chick on stick!
Egg + Unagi roll... with avocado - my fav! But I prefer the one @ Sushi Groove.. salmon roll... yumzz
oh oh.. this MUST ORDER! fried calamari!
THIS IS MY DISH of the restaurant. Chicken Gyoza! VERY VERY GOOD!
artistic shot ~ fish fish roe

Then.. there was also another celebration@ CAVA with EX colleagues... MNA (Manager Not Around) :)
Nigel (aka Poison) + KC (my boss)
close eyes shot!
Jason Chung (korr) + Iriani (my ex-lovely cubicle babes) - sailor moon~
we all know the famous SANGRIA that I absolutely adores!

This time round. the dessert was newly discovered by Poison & TheMan..
Pineapple with ice-cream (or something like tat) Creme Brulee
Lovely couple of the year
Raja (The King) + Victor (The Man)
Nevertheless.. More foodilicious coming up ~~ as I bring you food in SG deeeeeelicious!

For now.. I leave you with this signboard... why name a road after HOT sex?

Basah = wet (in malay)

Friday, July 25, 2008


I miss her so much when she went off to her trip ~ I saw her packing up her bags.. my heart feels weird. I worry about her a lot u know ~~ whether is she gonna leave me here alone ... or is this a short trip.

Now that she's back - she looks a lot happier, cheerful.... and she kissed me saying that she found her mojo back. I'm like.... who's Mojo? don't understand that... but I am happy seeing that she's back to her smiley days and her eyes are back to the shinning self.

She says she's ready to let go and find happiness. She talked to me about her work - and her life - and her plans. She actually talks a lot now. (good in some ways ..) I lie next to her seeing her talking .. listening to her words. I wish she can find a true love one day ... like how she always says "There's someone out there for me... OUT THERE~~~"

I just hope we don't get this kind of guy...
then I wouldn't know where I would be sleeping...
Guess what?
I've learnt a new trick today. If I don't move - the birds won't know I'm a cat.

-Chai Chai

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Physically injured. Emotionally healed.

“Crew cabins, get ready for departure....” Thinking to myself. This is it.... Good bye Lost-Jolene. Gonna find myself.... somehow.

It's true that everyone needs to a break sometimes, whether it’s a break from reality, a break from relationship, a break from work, a break from problems that bugs you like crazy. This is MY break – to let go and move on with MY life, and focus on WHAT I WANT.

Guess what guys? I FOUND HER~~ Jolene – who gets what she wants. I missed her a lot.

Ok ok. Enof emo stuff. Back to How’s the city of “LOOKING LOOKING? VERI CHEAP!”... I would have been so emo about things are not organized, but thanks to the expectation that I set “Go with the flow”... I was pretty much ~~ whatever ~~ blue blue (theme for this trip APPARENTLY)

Landed at Bali. Dumped Bag into Hotel. Lie down @ bed starring at the ceiling. (Nice ceiling). Pack bag ~~ BEACH BEACH BEACH!
Oh YES. You get mentally raped by all these people who would sell you anything... like a BOW.. on a beach?

Well, I had my fair share of getting mentally raped ~ I had my nails done on the first day. Was good for Anna to keep me company – she’s doing this for like 15years, she has 2 kids – one 17yrs old son, one 8yrs old daughter. My nails so beautiful. (did i mentioned ... it’s freakin cheap!!!)
I also had my temporary tatoo done with Joey~~ as I wait for the waves to be more calm for my adventure!
I sat there... watching HOT HUNKS play some mixed weird games – Tennis concept of football. Drooling hot. (4 dudes x 6 packs = 24 packs... droolz)
Of course. Sun set was just sooooooooooo beautiful. I met Bobby – he’s my teacher for Surfing. Painful experience. But guess what? I stood up for like 1 second. HAHAHA ^_^ (truth is.. he never gave up on me even after an ACCIDENT!)
This is the surfboard. Twice my size. Guess what happened? It hit muah face, waist, arm, shoulder, leg... *ouch* indeed. This was the scar on my face.
Didn't know it was so bad until I'm back home. 3 patches of herbs. YES.
Emotionally healed. Physically injured.
Will blog about cultural stuff i did next round ~~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

1 last cry

10.25am... while watching One Tree Hill (Season 5), I’ve cried together with Peyton as she burns the book which Lucas wrote about her... things in which he wrote about her claiming to the world that she’s the one that he loves. Good friends of mine would have just slap my head by now knowing that I’m crying...

“He’s not worth it. He’s just out of his mind. He’s just not the right one for you. He’s crazy. He’s not Mr. Right...” are the exact things I hear throughout the years, ever wonder – what about me? Am I worth it? Am I the right one for them? Am I crazy? Am I Ms. Right?

To be honest, I’m not crying because of a heart broken too many times, I’m crying because this is my one last cry about how things are difficult for me and just the fact that I have to let go... A friend told me last night while sipping on Wine – “It takes a lot more to hold grudges than to forgive”. That’s true isn’t it?

The only man that I need to forgive in which I’ve hold grudges to for all these years... is no other than my dad. (For those who don’t know the story – I’m sorry – I’m not able to tell you another chapter of my life here)

Well. It’s now 10.32am. I’ve cried enough. I think. It’s time to move on in life.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

happening july!

Look at my schedule for this month! It's jam pack! :) good thing i guess... Birthday Dinner @ Shogun (OneU), it's good but you can't take pictures... of the food. :(
I manage to take 1 picture only - there's Baby Crab and the Almond Fishball 04.07.08 - Pre-Celebration of my burfday @ Velvet. Of course this is Michael Su - the Velvet King
There's this new side of OneU - this is a Korean restaurant that does steamboat n bbq - very nice nice quite cheap too!

artistic pose... created by Adrian Loh
Our birthday cake this year! - Durian Cake!

The longest song ever – “Happy birthday to you.... happy bday to u... happy bday to MAMA.. .happy bday to u... Happy bday to you... happy bday to Jolene... u know the drill.. for my younger brother Jowin...” was fun ~~ here are some pictures to share.
this is sibbling shot ... one that looks like doremon
05.07.08 @velvet (again..yes 2 nite in a row)
Password for tat night!
Poh Sze, Kiat Ee, Me, Natalie, Aaron, (top) Keong Yee
Me, Jayan & David
Rachel, Cheng Kiat, Yeng Yeng & Calvin
burfday presie :) thanks u all ~~

Relationship vs romance. 2 different thing i guess.

sniff.. this card - i shall leave it for next year
I'm not 25!!!

But overall.. thanks so much for being with me my fellow frens ~~
*muacks muacks*

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy birthday ~~

ok ok. drama over. i'm not that angry anymore... chill chill *breathe*

besides... why should i be angry anyways? it's gonna be my big day soon... :) :)

July 5th - marked the day where i was born into this world. it's also the birthday of the woman of my life - my mom... and guess what? it's also the birthday of my younger bro ~~ ^_^ jowin

Apparently, i was made in Genting @_@ (too much info? sorry ~~)

July 5th is also a far away twinnie's birthday~ Susan Lorenzi (ex-colleague). and guess what's weird... it's also her mother's birthday too! i was in 2days shock when i found out about this. believe me.. the only words that was exchanged between me & susan - was "OMG OMG OMG OMG"...

well.. it's just a short post - as these few days - i was quite busy with work and getting my mojo back :) been going out - but no mood to take nice pictures...

oh - btw, if you're reading this and you're from KL Malaysia... please do drop by Velvet on Saturday - I will be celebrating bday there ~ so we take lots of pictures...

muacks. nite for noww ~~