Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hey all, just in case you were wondering how I was… I’m absolutely doing fine.

It’s been few months … I don’t know how to use her new laptop. Took me a while to learn how to unlock her password.

I noticed I came into her life for about 6 years… seeing her through ups and downs makes me understand her a whole load better.

She’s changed a lot. She used to cry a lot about her love life – now she just talks about it – tears a little bit.

I don’t understand how is it that she says she’s only successful at work and she just sucks at love.

Love is something that falls into the place – you don’t really get to control it. Then again – I’m no one to be commenting on it.

She said recently she’s been seeing people through all walks of life. She says she’s no longer taking the chance like how she used to.

She doesn’t party anymore, she goes out for business dealings, she goes to the gym. How on earth is she suppose to meet “someone”?

It’s funny to see she’s changed her lifestyle – she used to go out a lot until middle of the night. Now, she’s home by 2am.

She spends more time with me – loving me and bathing me. It’s great! But I want her to be happy too!

Few weeks ago – I could sense she was happy. Something happened.. she’s not saying anything at this point of time.

Let’s find out…


Chai Chai