Monday, September 20, 2010

Trip to Bangkok

It's been a while since I last blogged about my trips.

It was a very last minute planned trip to BKK, however, I enjoyed every last bit to it. The country is just simply refreshing and I had soo much fun!

I could actually imagine myself living here. Having my weekends going to Platinum Mall - strolling for new outfits every week. Going for a full body massage for only 250Baht to de-stress. Eating authentic Thai food every weekend. I COULD live here!

Seriously, you need to try this restaurant when you go to Bangkok! This is THE BEST of the BEST Thai food you'll ever tasted!

Ruen Mallika - Awesome Thai Cuisine!

This is salted egg - squid.. nice appetizer :)

Famous Pad Thai!

Duck Curry - wah.. the best!

Romantic Settings... Indoor and Outdoor

Doesn't this look like Dicks coming out from the ground?

The trip was 60% shopping, 30% food and 10% sleep - it was just simply amazing!

Coming up next - Hen's Night... interestingly enRICHing.